Re-invites Sealed Quotations

The College of Natural Resources re-invites sealed quotations for the supply of the following tenders:

Sl. No Tender Name Tender ID Tender Document BoQ Remarks
1 Supply of maintenance and construction items CNR/ACC-07/2021-2022/June-maintenance & construction items SBD BoQ Annual Framework quotation of the FY 2022-2023
2 Supply of lab chemicals, reagents, kits, and equipment CNR/ACC-07/2021-2022/June-lab chemicals. Reagents, kits, and equipment SBD BoQ
3 Supply of Field extension kits and dress CNR/ACC-07/2021-2022/June-field extension kits & dress SBD BoQ
4 Supply of vehicle tyres CNR/ACC-07/2021-2022/June-vehicle tyres SBD BoQ
5 Supply of games and sports items CNR/ACC-07/2021-2022/June-games and sports items SBD BoQ
6 Tender for vehicle maintenance CNR/ACC-07/2021-2022/June-vehicle maintenance SBD BoQ
7 Tender for vehicle hiring CNR/ACC-07/2021-2022/June-vehicle hiring SBD BoQ
8 Supply of Public Address System CNR/College-Public address System/2021-2022/June SBD  Open Tender

The last date for the submission of the bid is at 10:00 AM on 4 July 2022 and will be opened on the same day at 10:30 AM.

For further information, please contact the Administrative Officer at 02376269 during office hours or email at:

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