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Name of the Programme: BSc OrganicAgriculture

Duration: 4 years (Full Time)

Credit Points: 492 credit points

The BSc in Organic Agriculture programme aims to develop human resource in safe food, fibre and animal production in line with principles of organic farming. The programme takes an integrated approach to the design and operation of crop and livestock production systems that are socially responsible, environmentally sound and economically sustainable. The programme is designed to train students in multiple aspects of organic agriculture and the associated processing and marketing chain.

Graduates of the programme will be equipped with the technical competencies, knowledge and skills required to address the challenges and requirement of organic farming. Thus the programme is expected to address the gap in the development of organic farming. Through the programme students will learn about alternative food production systems without using synthetic agrochemicals. The programme comprises modules in alternative agriculture practices with an in-depth analysis of organic production systems, soils and nutrient management, plant and animal health management and farm input and resources management along with a substantial research component.

Upon completion of the programme, graduates will be able to:

  • Demonstrate sound knowledge of principles and practices of organic agriculture.
  • Exhibit an understanding of organic livestock production and associated value               chain in organic systems.
  • Analyse socio-economic and environmental impacts of food, fibre and animal               production and propose interventions.
  • Display an understanding of the interconnectedness of all systems and generate         models of harmonious coexistence by integrating different systems.
  • Apply principles and practices to breed robust and climate resilient crop varieties         and animal breeds.
  • Apply principles and practices to develop organic alternatives to protect the health       of plants and animals.
  • Identify the components of integrated soil nutrient management and manage soil       health in organic agriculture.
  • Identify causes of pest disease, resurgence and outbreaks and design organic               management options.
  • Formulate viable location-specific organic farming calendar integrating livestock           and market factors.
  • Integrate smart technologies to improve and promote organic farming activities.
  • Demonstrate research competence by designing, constructing and undertaking            scientific research in organic agriculture.
  • Draw logical conclusions and implications from an analysis of an issue or problem.
  • Express an appreciation for organic agriculture and its importance in social,                    economic and environment sustainability.
  • Explain and implement organic standards, regulations and certification systems in        relation to organic trade and marketing.
  • Communicate with a range of audiences through a variety of mediums                           appropriate to the intended audience.

The BSc in Organic Agriculture programme consists of 492 credits with modules including field attachment and a research project equivalent to 5 modules in the final semester. The mode of study is full time for four years.

Details of the Programme Structure: Click here

1.  Undergraduate Science tuition fee: Nu. 91,646 per year (45,823 per   semester)
     (Accepted in two installments. The fee amount is expected to increase by 2%  every              year).

2.  Security Deposit:2,000 (One time)
3.  Registration/CDF contribution: 1,000 (One time)
4.  Hostel Rent: 3000 per year (1500 per semester)
5.  Welfare Contribution: 360 per year (180 per Semester)
6.  Mess contribution: 15,000 per year (7,500 per semester )

Career opportunities exist for organic agriculture graduates both within and outside the country. The positions considered most relevant to organic agriculture graduates amongst others, include extension officers, researchers, consultants, teachers, entrepreneurs and farm managers.

Class XII pass students with minimum of 50% in Biology and Chemistry (Biology – 5, Chemistry – 5 English – 3, Dzongkha – 2 and 1 other subject – 1)

Teaching Staff of Agriculture department (Click here)

Head of Deartment: Mr. Ongpo Lepcha

Phone No. +975-(77612960)

Programme Leader: Mr. Wang Gyeltshen

Phone No. +975-(17715963)