Department of Forest Science

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Name of the Programme: BSc Forest Science

Duration: 4 years (Full Time)

Credit Points: 492 credit points

The BSc in Forestry programme of the College of Natural Resources has made a significant contribution in the development of forestry resources in Bhutan; especially in the areas of forestry extension, forestry management, environmental protection and wildlife conservation. The programme provides a wide range of theoretical and practical skills on forest administration, extension, research, conservation and protection, and production systems. The current programme is the result of a successful development of the forestry programme for about 30 years which was made possible through a series of improvement process that engage stakeholders.

Upon completion of the programme, graduates will be able to:

  • Communicate effectively and conscientiously
  • Develop analytical skills for problem solving and goal setting
  • Demonstrate appropriate Bhutanese etiquette and traditional values
  • Demonstrate the use of ICT for work efficiency
  • Identify emerging environmental issues and develop measures to                                     address/mitigate the issues
  • Apply fundamental principles of climate studies in developing mitigation and                 adaptation measures of climate change impacts
  • Explain the fundamental concepts of forest and wildlife management
  • Assess and manage water resources, watershed, and its ecosystem
  • Use various tools and techniques for effective natural resources management
  • Plan and protect natural resources including enforcement of relevant laws and             policies
  • Assist rural communities in identifying forest resource management issues and             help them in conflict management
  • Develop plans in enhancing benefits to rural communities through ecotourism             management in nature conservation areas
  • Assist rural communities in establishing, operating and managing rural enterprises
  • Apply conservation techniques and manage biological resources through resource       assessment, management planning, and implementation.
  • Identify resource management problems, develop concepts and conduct research       in finding solutions to the problems

The proposed four year BSc programme consists of 492 credits, modules including field attachment and a research project in the 4th year. The mode of study will be full time.

Detail progamme Structure: Click here

1.  Undergraduate Science tuition fee: Nu. 91,646 per year (45,823 per   semester)
     (Accepted in two installments. The fee amount is expected to increase by 2%  every              year).

2.  Security Deposit:2,000 (One time)
3.  Registration/CDF contribution: 1,000 (One time)
4.  Hostel Rent: 3000 per year (1500 per semester)
5.  Welfare Contribution: 360 per year (180 per Semester)
6.  Mess contribution: 15,000 per year (7,500 per semester )

The proposed programme is designed to develop to cadre professionals with knowledge, skills, and competencies as forestry worker, environment manager, nature conservationist, natural resource manager, researcher, wildlife manager, and forest nursery entrepreneurs. Therefore, the programme aims to build capacity of graduates to find employment in various government agencies including NGOs, international organizations, and private sector.

As per tracer study, department of Forest and Park Services and Natural Resources Development Corporation Limited are the main employers of past forestry graduate and the positions considered most relevant include forestry officers, range officers, and biodiversity officers. BSc Forestry graduates are also employed in other sectors as mentioned under point 1.3. With inclusion of breath modules that deals with wide range of transferable skills, students will have additive advantages in terms of employability in other sectors.

Class XII pass students with minimum of 50% in Biology (Biology – 5, Chemistry – 3, English – 3, Dzongkha – 2 and 1 other subject – 1)

Head of Debarment: Dr. Bhagat Suberi

Phone No. +975-(17554382)

Email: bsuberi.cnr[at]

Programme Leader: Mr. Tashi Tobgay

Phone No. +975-(17482459)

Email: ttobgay.cnr[at]