Happiness and Wellbeing Centre

Happiness and Wellbeing Centre

Vision: Preciousness of human life & development of self

The Happiness and Wellbeing Centre(HWC) will be a safe place for the students of the College of Natural Resources(CNR)to seek refuge,  and it will provide opportunities for the interested students to build skills, enhance insight,  and grow resilience, which will all go a long way in preparing them for life. The happiness and wellbeing centre will lead in counselling & well-being education, training, and life skills programmes such as Student Leadership Programme(SLP) & Value Education and Mindfulness Programme(VEMP). The centres will also cater services related to happiness, wellbeing, and counselling to CNR staff, the local community, government agencies, and Non-Governmental Organizations. Some of the services that the centres will cater to are mindfulness, one-to-one counselling, group counselling, courses on insight, and skill enhancement. The centre will also initiate tailor-made group courses on need-based themes such as ‘Being Bhutanese’ ‘Leadership of Self’ & ‘Working with life challenges’ etc.

The services under the centre will be informed by five major themes related to empowerment of the self, and working with life challenges. The five themes are leadership of self, working with life challenges, mindfulness and awareness, and emotional and social intelligence.

For further information, contact the following;

  1. Mr Ugyen Dorji(DSA), Centre Manager:17943865
  2. Mr Dorji Wangda (Counsellor) : 17869950