Department of Sustainable Development

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Name of the Programme: BSc Sustainable Development

Duration: 3 years (Full Time)

Credit Points: 360 credit points

The aim of the BSc in Sustainable Development programme is to equip the students with the concept and practices of socio-economic development and environmental protection for the current and future generations. The programme is designed to develop knowledge, skills and competencies in project management, personal development and leadership, and research.

The programme also aligns with the country’s development philosophy of Gross National Happiness by equipping students with the right attitude towards a balanced approach to development. The programme will instill students with additional transferable skills such as problem solving, collaboration and teamwork, adaptability, leadership, time management, analytical skills, communication and creativity which are essential for their day-to-day career progression. This programme is also intended to enhance the ability of the students to apply knowledge and skills in finding solutions to different development issues.

On completion of the programme, graduates will be able to:

  • Explain the concepts of sustainable development
  • Assess social organizations and principles of sociology linking local communities 
  • Correlate the function and role of communication to support development
  • Apply principles of economics to address developmental issues 
  • Apply entrepreneurship knowledge and skills in designing and managing                       businesses
  • Elucidate the science of mitigation, adaptation and resilience to climate change
  • Develop leadership and management skills for planning, personal and                             organizational development
  • Apply knowledge and skills of research and statistics in finding solutions to                     development issues
  • Relate the roles of public health with sustainable development 
  • Assist communities to adopt sustainable natural resources management practices
  • Evaluate development policies.

The sustainable development programme is introduced based on the wider understanding that the natural resources are used to the extent that it may be not be substitutable and may not be reversible if the past and the current trend is adopted.

Details of the programme structure: Click here

1. Undergraduate Science tuition fee: Nu. 91,646 per year (45,823 per semester) (Accepted in 2 installments. The fee amount is expected to increase by 2% every year).

2. Security Deposit:2,000 (One time)

3. Registration/CDF contribution: 1,000 (One time)

4. Hostel Rent: 3000 per year (1500 per semester)

5. Welfare Contribution: 360 per year (180 per Semester)

6. Mess contribution: 15,000 per year (7,500 per semester )

The programme will prepare graduates for a wide range of career opportunities both nationally and internationally. The graduates will be employed as project managers, researchers, entrepreneurs, and development professionals. Furthermore, the programme is also suitable for graduates who want to assume leadership positions in local governments and pursue a career in politics.

Students will be equipped with knowledge and skills pertaining to personal development, leadership, problem solving, project management, public policy, entrepreneurship, communications, and research. This will help graduates to find employment in various government agencies, corporations, NGOs, academia, international organizations, businesses, media, and health and in private sectors.

(For Science, Commerce and Arts) Class XII pass students with minimum of 55% in English and pass in Dzongkha ( English – 5, Dzongkha – 3 and 3 other subject – 2)

Head of Deartment: Dr. Thubten Sonam

Phone No. +975-(17231247)

Email: tsonam.cnr[at]

Programme Leader: Ms. Ugyen Yangchen

Email: uyangchen.cnr[at]

Phone No. +975-(17362515)