Programmes Courses Duration Fee Per Student


Fee per student

(SAARC Member Country)

Summer School 1 Biodiversity Survey Methods and Conservation Tools 14 days USD 2,950 USD 1,140
2 Natural Resource Management
3 Nature and Wellness
4 Bhutanese Culture, Tradition and GNH
5 Bhutanese Food and Culture
6 Traditional Ecological Knowledge in the Himalayas
7 Agriculture Systems in the Himalayas
8 Living a Farmer’s Life in the Himalayas
9 Climate-smart Agriculture using Geo-spatial Technologies
10 Wild Edible Plants of Bhutan Himalaya
11 Ethnomedicine of Eastern Himalaya
12 Learning Statistics using R
Semester Abroad 1 Agriculture and Food Systems in Bhutan Himalaya       3 Months USD 5,244 USD 2,581
2 Biodiversity Conservation and Natural Resource Management
3 Ethnomedicine in Eastern Himalaya
Training 1 Community-based Forestry for Conservation and Livelihood 7 days USD 2,680 USD 741
2 Biodiversity Conservation Techniques
3 Organic Agriculture
4 Learning Statistics using R
5 Climate-smart Agriculture using Geo-spatial Technologies

* Fee includes tuition, food, accommodation and visa.