Admission for Postgraduate Programmes

  1. Admission to all programmes will be in the third week of July of each year.
  2. The eligibility criteria for each of the postgraduate programmes are as follow:
Programme Eligibility Criteria Fee structure (Amount in Nu)
Bhutanese students International Students
Master in Development Practice Bachelor’s degree. 146,118




MSc in Natural Resource Management BSc  in agriculture, animal science, forestry, environment and life sciences. . 171,095




MSc in Conservation Biology BSc in Forestry, Wildlife, Life Sciences, and Environment Science. However, candidates who have completed BSc in Agriculture, Animal Science can be admitted upon verification by the admission committee. 171,095




PhD in Climate Studies Master’s program with research

component or by research.





USD 1 = Nu 81

Note: Fee does not include visa fee for international students.

Students will also have to pay separately for accommodation and food.

For more information on admission and fee structure, contact Dr. Sonam Tashi or email: or call + 975 17768276