Hostel Facility

The college has two residential campuses within the college premises. Campus One is a catered campus(Lower hostel) with a provision of free cooks but the students have to contribute fees for operating the student mess. Campus Two is located about one and a half kilometers west of the academic complex. It is a self-catered campus(Hostel Block 1,2,3,4&5). To safeguard the campus, a full-time day security guard is deployed.

Upper Hostel Block-B-1,2&3(Girl’s Hostel)-Dekidling CampusUpper Hostel Block 1,2&3(Girl's Hostel)

Middle Hostel Block B-4&5(Boy’s Hostel)-Gawaling Campus

Block 4&5(Boy's Hostel)B-5

Lower Hostel-Choekhobling Campus

Lower Hostel