Department of Environment and Climate Studies

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Name of the Programme: BSc Environment and Climate Studies

Duration: 4 years (Full Time)

Credit Points: 495 credit points

BSc Environment and Climate Studies programme introduces students to a variety of fundamental subjects related to climate and environment focusing on the major elements of environment (land, water, air and living organisms). The programme then advances towards developing the skills in assessing the health of the environment and impacts of climate changes on various aspects of environmental entities. This programme is also geared to enhance the ability to apply the knowledge and skills and develop proficiency to find solutions to environmental and climate change concerns. Overall, the programme eqips students with the knowledge and skills needed to address pressing environment and climate challenges.

Upon completion of the programme, graduates will be able to:

  • Demonstrate skills to link the natural and socio-economic processes affecting                environmental systems.
  • Address environmental and climate change issues in a holistic manner by drawing       on relevant research and theories.
  • Analyse the economic, social, political, cultural, policies and legal environment               which provide the context for understanding environmental and climatic changes.
  • Demonstrate all-round development physically, emotionally, psychologically,                  intellectually, and morally to become good human beings.
  • Demonstrate extensive disciplinary foundation in the various areas of                             Environment and climate.
  • Apply scientific knowledge and experimental skills in organized manner for                   evaluation of complex environmental problems related to various ecosystems.
  • Exhibit ability to think and execute independent research projects, interpret                   changes and fluctuations in natural environment

The Bachelors of Science in Environment and Climate Studies (BSc ECS) is a four year undergraduate degree programme. This programme covers issues related to environmental conservation, sustainable development and climate change resilience. It is a multidisciplinary programme which emphasises on paying attention to human interaction with the earth system, and interrelationship between and among other sciences such as social sciences, forestry and agriculture.

Detail of the programme structure: Click here

1.  Undergraduate Science tuition fee: Nu. 91,646 per year (45,823 per   semester)
     (Accepted in two installments. The fee amount is expected to increase by 2%  every              year).

2.  Security Deposit:2,000 (One time)
3.  Registration/CDF contribution: 1,000 (One time)
4.  Hostel Rent: 3000 per year (1500 per semester)
5.  Welfare Contribution: 360 per year (180 per Semester)
6.  Mess contribution: 15,000 per year (7,500 per semester )

Class XII pass students with minimum of 50% in chemistry / physics (Chemistry / Physics – 5, Biology / Maths – 3, Dzongkha / English / Envoronmental Studies – 2 and 2 other subject – 2)

Department of ECS (Click here)

Head of Deartment: Ms. Chogyel Wangmo (77371728)

Contact No. +975-77371728


Programme Leader: Mr. Penjor

Contact No. +975-77451526