Tuition Fees for FY 2023-2024

Tuition Fees for FY 2023-2024: payable at the beginning of the semester during registration time, can opt to pay per semester. The fees amount is expected in increase by 2% every year.
Fees Details: All amount in BTN
Undergraduate:   91645.98/Year
Master              : 137468.97/year
PhD                  : 148,924.72/Year
Security Deposit :2,000.00 (One time)
Registration/CDF contribution : 1,000.00(One time)
library card Printing: 100/head (one time)
Hostel Rent : 250/month
Welfare Contribution: 180/Semester
Mess contribution: 7,500/semester (5 months)
Note: Nu.50 per/month/students will be collected from self-finance students at the time of registration and tuition fees collection as an electricity charge’s. For RGoB scholarship an electricity bill will be deducted monthly from their stipend.