The International Nature Education and Experience (INEE), College of Natural Resources, Royal University of Bhutan, conducts comprehensive trainings in areas of biodiversity, natural resources, climate-smart agriculture, organic agriculture, and statistical analysis using R. The biodiversity training programme emphasizes hands-on activities, field surveys, and practical exercises, fostering skills in biodiversity monitoring and habitat restoration. Natural resources management training covers sustainable practices such as water conservation, soil health improvement, and responsible forest management. Climate-smart agriculture programme provide participants with practical insights into climate-resilient farming practices, including water-efficient irrigation and precision agriculture. The organic agriculture training focuses on environmentally-friendly farming methods, enriching soil health, and pest management without synthetic chemicals. Additionally, the training includes a module on R statistics, offering participants the skills to conduct statistical analysis for research in biodiversity, natural resources, and agriculture. Through hands-on, field, and practical training, the College of Natural Resources equips participants to contribute effectively to environmental conservation, sustainable agriculture, and data-driven decision-making in Bhutan and beyond. The College provides the following trainings:
1. Learning Statistics using R
2. Organic Agriculture
3. Community-based Forestry for Conservation and Livelihoods
4. Biodiversity Conservation Techniques
5. Climate-smart Agriculture using Geospatial Technologies