Warm welcome to Year III and IV students to the college campus.

While in the college, the foremost priority we need to give is towards the face to face learning from the course work, you will also need to follow the mandatory precautions of staying safe and healthy through (4 W) i.Wearing your face mask at all times; ii. Washing your hands frequently; iii. Watch the gap, there should be more than a meter between yourself and others, and iv. Remember to open the Windows and let the fresh air circulate in the room (s).
During the stay, engage in the fruitful learning from teachers and interactions through friends. We are sure that youall will appreciate and make your stay in the campus a worthwhile. The college management is always happy to have you all back on the campus. Welcome and enjoy at your second home.

Adieu for a short term to our Year I and II students.
On the contrary, there is no nuance in any that were suggested above to other students and during your briefing on the first day of this semester. Take all the mandatory precautions against the spread of COVID-19 seriously. To continue with your learning for rest of the semester, the management will do the best to make your online teaching and learning experiences a better one. A bout of face to face learning must have given you all some level of confidence and understanding about the course to continue with online for the rest of the semester. The University has no choice but to send you all home expediently and reduce the assemblage of students during such critical juncture in the country. This indeed is a small way all of us could contribute to His Majesty’s vision and the government’s hardwork in keeping the pandemic at bay.

Best wishes from the management.

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