The College of Natural Resources is pleased to announce the shortlist of 2016 Masters Development Practice (MDP). The shortlisted candidates must produce all the relevant documents in original especially the merit/participation certificates and publications if any, during interview.If candidature fails to produce the original required documents  before the Interview he/she will be rejected.  The  Candidates who are working in civil service must produce a clearance letter either from the RCSC or from the concerned agency.  The selection interview has been scheduled on 12 July  - 13 July 2016.  Venue : CNR Conference Hall
The current semester exam results are now available:
Masters Development Practice (MDP)
MDP 2nd Year : Click here
MDP 1st Year : Click here
BSc.Agriculture (5 Cohort) : Click here
BSc.Agriculture (6 Cohort) : Click here
BSc.Agriculture (Nested) : Click here
Animal Science 
BSc.Animal Science (5 Cohort) : Click here
BSC.Animal Science (6 Cohort) : Click here 
BSc.Animal Science (Nested) :Click here
Diploma in Animal Science : Click here 
BSc.Forestry ( 5 Cohort) : Click here 
BSc.Forestry (6 Cohort) : Click here
BSc.Forestry (Nested) : Click here
Diploma in Forestry : Click here
Sustainable Development (SD)
BSc.SD ( 1st Year) : Click here
BSc.SD (2 Year) : Click here
BSc.SD (3 Year) : Click here
Envrionment and Climate Studies
BSc.ECS (1 Year) : Click here 
The following candiates are accepted for admission to MSc.NRM by Research. Click here
Registration and Admission
CNR, Lobesa June 22, 2016: The students selected for various programmes at the College of Natural Resources are asked to report to the college on 25 July 2016. The registration will be on 26 July 2016. Except for extenuating circumstances, late registration will not be entertained.
During the time of registration all the students are required to produce the following: 
Official/legal Documents
  1. Class XII transcript/mark sheet and certificate (original and photocopy both);
  2. Citizenship Identity Card or Letter from the Ministry Home and Cultural Affairs;
  3. School leaving certificate;
  4. Passport-sized photo (2 Nos.).
  5. Legal stamps (1 No.)
Personal items
  1. Kabney/Rachu
  2. Gho/Kira
  3. A set of green Dangrey (field uniform) for practical/field work;
  4. One sickle (girls) and one pata (boys);
  5. One bucket of 20 L capacity and a jug;
  6. Hard/soft brooms
  7. Raincoat & Gumboot;
  8. Mattress (not required for B.Sc. Agriculture, Animal Science and Forestry);
  9. Blanket/bed sheet/pillow & cover (for lower hostel students);
  10. Blanket/Mattress/bed sheet/pillow & cover (upper hostel students);
  11. Plate & mugs (for lower hostel students);
  12. Kitchen set (for upper hostel students);
  13. Mosquito net
  14. Haversack;
  15. Sleeping bag & U-foam mattress
  16. Lock & Key;
  17. Laptop (Optional);
  18. Bow & arrow (optional);
  19. Window curtains (for upper hostel)
  20. Sports outfit
Monetary Deposit
1. Security deposit Nu. 1000/- only;
2. College Development Fund Nu. 1000/- only;
3. Student ID card charge Nu. 100/- only.
Information to self-funding student
1. Annual tuition fee, exclusive of hostel accommodation & mess is Nu.86,360/-
2. Hostel accommodation - Nu.150/ month
3. Mess  - Nu.920/ month
4. Tuition fee payable in 2 installment per year.
CNR, Lobesa June 21, 2016: A training for six days on “Conflict Management, Negotiation and Problem Solving” for the Dzongkhag Sector Heads is underway at the College of Natural Resources (CNR). About 30 officials from Dzongkhags of the western region of the country are taking part in it. The overall objectives of the training is to apprise the participants on how to manage conflicts that arise due to various reasons at the work place. Participants are coming up with techniques of resolving problems that arises among the members of staff of the organization through mediation, facilitation and negotiation. Three Assistant professors from CNR (Dr. Thubten Sonam, Dr. Ugyen Dorji and Mr. Bhakta Shangshon), are the resource persons for the training. The training is organized by Royal Civil Service Commission in collaboration with Centre for Rural Development Studies (CRDS), a research unit of CNR with a funding support from GoI/RGoB funding for the financial year 2015-16.
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