CNR, Lobesa April 06: 2017, MoAF: A seminar on invertebrates particularly dragonflies and damselflies, and pollination was held for more than 100 students including a few lecturers at the College of Natural Resources in Lobesa. This seminar aimed at creating awareness and to motivate the students and lecturers to take interest in the study of invertebrates in Bhutan, which largely remains as understudied biodiversity groups.The seminar dragonflies and damselflies included life history, ecology, applications, and taxonomy.

The seminar on pollination also imparted knowledge and awareness of the importance of pollinators, especially in the agricultural and horticultural farmlands. The economic value of pollination was estimated at around 40 million US dollars, with a major contribution of the value from the cardamom cultivations.

This seminar is the part of educational outreach activities, to create awareness and inspire students in the colleges and schools. The invertebrate project is being led by the National Biodiversity Centre, Bhutan and the Naturalis Biodiversity Centre, The Netherlands.  Various institutions are involved as partners, such as the College of Natural Resources (CNR), Sherubtse College, Ugyen Wangchuck Institute for Conservation and Environmental Research (UWICER), and National Plant Protection Centre (NPPC) in Thimphu.

This kind of collaborative project involving many institutions, has strengthened the linkages between the institutions especially with the institutions involved in this project in Bhutan. The participants were also briefed about the benefits of using the Bhutan  Biodiversity Portal (

Seminars on dragonflies and damselflies and pollination study were presented, the team consisted of Managing Director, Scientific Director, dragonfly scientist, and   Honorary Consul of Bhutan to The Netherlands and an official from the National Biodiversity Centre in Thimphu. This project is being funded by Bhutan Trust Fund for Environmental Conversation and co-financing from the Naturalis Biodiversity Centre, The Netherlands.

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National Biodiversity Centre, Serbithang, Thimphu



CNR, Lobesa April 04, 2017: College of Natural Resources is on the way to control the illegal waste dumping and disposal on the college campus. On April 2, 2017, the student of B.Sc. Sustainable Development, 5th Batch led a cleaning and segregation campaign in college periphery. The waste collected over the campaign was taken to Khuruthang Waste disposal site.
CNR, Lobesa March 29, 2017: A team of Lhak-sam (a non-profit organization) founded by Mr. Wangda Dorji,  visited the college on March 28, 2017. They were at college to advocate and create awareness on HIV/AIDS and their experiences of living with HIV/AIDS.
The courageous and optimistic Lhak-Sam team is moving forward despite the obstacles.  Needless to say, they are the warriors of this age.
Compiled by: JIgme Zangmo, Tshering Peldon and Pem Dem
                         (CNR Media Club)

CNR, Lobesa March 28, 2017: Karate club at College of Natural Resources was started by Mr. Tshering Dorji, a student of the college to expand diverse aspects of student’s life. The club participated in 1st National Senior-Junior Cadet and Sub-Junior Karate Championship held on December 27, 2016, to January 1, 2017. It was hosted by Bhutan karate Association in Thimphu. Five colleges from RUB have participated in the event to exchange their skills and capabilities. Although it was a debut of CNR Karate Club in the national arena, the club had won a total of five medals; three silver and two bronze. Congratulation Club Champions!
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