Entrepreneurship Flyer

To promote Entrepreneurship culture the college have established incubation center, “Agri-biotechnology Incubation center” in 2018 and the center is mandated to:

  1. To promote creativity, innovation and entrepreneurial culture through trainings
  2. To support new startups for creating employment
  3. To develop critical skills development for aspiring entrepreneurs

To achieve the mandates, the center undertakes the following activities:

  1. Entrepreneurship awareness program
  2. Business idea pitching competition (Both National and Local)
  3. Facilitate providing incubation space for startups
  4. Provide seed fund for student’s business (students receive maximum of Nu. 3,00,000 to start a enterprise within the college)
  5. Provide business support such as mentoring and advisory services
  6. The center also offer free certificate courses on entrepreneurship development for the duration of four months, for the training we target school dropouts, unemployed graduates and Small & Medium Enterprises (SME’s). The certificate program focuses on development of business skills and covers various technical aspect such as:
  7. Urban farming
  8. Poultry/Piggery/Dairy production
  9. Mushroom Production
  10. Climate smart vegetable and fruit production practices
  11. Agro-food processing and smart packaging
  12. Bio-fertilizer and pesticides production