Visit of the architect

Mr. Daniel Schwitter and his wife, Ms. Ruth Schwitter, visited our campus after more than three decades. Mr. Schwitter served as both the architect and project manager for the College of Natural Resources (then NRTI).

Their visit brought joyful reminiscences of the 1990s when they were actively involved in the design and construction of this institution.

Interestingly, CNR’s initial proposed location in Bajo faced rejection due to its placement in a paddy field. Undeterred, Mr. Schwitter embarked on an extensive exploration of Punakha, spanning several days, in search of a suitable site for the institute. Eventually, he discovered the current location, marking a significant milestone in the establishment of CNR.

When queried about the durability of the buildings, Mr. Schwitter expressed his confidence, stating, “The building he constructed should last forever—it’s just like a Dzong.” He elaborated on the construction materials, highlighting the use of woods such as blue pine for the roof and special seasoned woods for the pillars, emphasizing their quality and longevity.

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