Administrative & Technical Staff

Administrative Section
Image Name Designation Phone/Ext Remarks
Ms. Sonam Choden Assistant Adm. Officer  
Mrs. Tshering Denkar Adm. Assistant  
Mrs. Phub Dem Sr. Telephone Operator
Mr. Kinley Wangchuk Store Keeper  
Finance Section
Mr. Tshewang Dorji Finance Officer  
Mr. Gembo Wangchuk Account Assistant  
Dean of Student Affairs
Mr. Jigme Sherab Asst. Student Service Officer  
Ms.Sonam Yangki Asst. Student Service Officer  
Mr. Dawa Tshering Student Service Officer  
Maintenance Section
Mrs. Sangay Deki Estate Manager   On maternity leave
Mr. Migma Golay Electrician  
Mr.Dhana Pati Bhattrai Plumber  
Dean of Academic Affairs
Ms. Tshering Zangmo Library Assistant  
Ms. Drupchu Zangmo Data Manager   Exam Cell
Mrs. Tshering Lhamo T Library Assistant  
Mr. Sonam Moktan Lab Assistant   Science Lab In-charge
Mr. Ugyen Tenzin Lab Assistant  
Mrs. Lhamo Lab Assistant  
Mrs. Rinchen Dema Junior Librarian  
Mrs. Tshering Lhamo K Library Assistant  
Research and Industrial Linkages
Mr. Lobzang Penjor Research Officer  
Incubation Centre
Mr. Sonam Tshering Business Incubation Manager
Mr. Kencho Wangdi Laboratory Assistant
ICT Section
Mr. Budhiman Limboo ICT Officer
Mrs.Pema Choden ICT Technical Associate  
Mr. Tempa Dorji IT Technician  
Farm Section
Mr. Bimal Sharma Farm Manager  
Mrs. Jakumo Farm Attendant  
Mr. Karma Sangay Farm Attendant  
Mr. Tsenda Wangdi Farm Attendant  
Mrs. Jigme Choden Farm Attendant  
Mr. Pema Tshering Farm Attendant  
Mrs. Choki Lhamo Farm Attendant  
Mrs. Sumitra Sanyasi Farm Attendant  
Mr. Bag Dhan Rai Farm Attendant  
Mrs.Dolma Maya Tamang Farm Attendant  
Mrs. Phurpa Lhamo Farm Attendant  
Ms. Nima Zangmo Farm Attendant  
Mr. Sangay Wangdi Driver  
Mr. Pema Dorji Driver  
Mr. Jamyang Dorji Driver  
Mr. Namgay Dorji Driver  
Mr. Tshewang Dorji Driver  
Mr. Dawa Singh Tamang Cook  
Mrs. Sangay Dema Cook  
Mr. Langala Cook  
Mr. Shacha Gyeltshen Cook  
Mrs. Dechen Seldon Sweeper  
Mrs. Sonam Pelmo Gardener    
Mrs. Kinley Pem Gardener  
Mr. Jampel Tshering Helper  
Mr. Karma Chophel Helper  
Mr. Tshering Dorji Helper  
Mr. Dechen Wangdi Helper