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Registration and Payment of Fees

Registration of current students for spring semester 2023 is scheduled on 6 February as reflected on the academic calendar. As such, it is to remind all the self-financed students to pay their tuition fees on the day, failing which, students will not be able to attend classes and research works or any other academic activities. Further, they will be subject to forfeiting any college facilities.

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Reannouncement; Call for Student Semester Abroad Exchange Programme

The College of Natural Resources, Royal University of Bhutan, in collaboration with the BOKU University, Vienna, Austria, would like to call interested students enrolled in M.Sc. in Natural Resources and Management programme and Masters in Conservation Biology to apply for the student mobility exchange programme (two slot)  at Boku University w.e.f 1 February, 2023 till 30 June, 2023  for a semester abroad programme.

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