Shortlisted for selection interview (viva voce) for the position of Assistant Lecturer

Candidates shortlisted for selection interview (viva voce) for the position of Assistant Lecturer under the consolidated Fixed Term Appointment 

The following candidates have been shortlisted for selection interview (viva voce).

Sl. No CID Total Average Marks Scored (%) Interview date and time
1 11508004460 76.26 Date; 21st July 2021 (Wednesday)

Time; 9:30 AM

Venue; Conference Hall

2 11212005146 77.16
3 11701003150 76.46
4 11107005615 75.27
5 10905003185 77.81
6 11506003621 72.41
7 11315002689 74.65
8 10309003760 74.65


  1. Candidates have been shortlisted based on the fulfillment of the eligibility criteria of 60% in Degree, 60% in Class X (English + best 4 subject) and 60% in Class XII (English + best 3 subjects)
  2. 8 candidates have been shortlisted based on merit rank of aggregate marks. ‘Aggregate %’ has been calculated considering performance in academic qualifications: 15% of Class X, 25% of Class XII and 60% of Degree.
  3. Candidates with incomplete documents as per the announcement and irrelevancy of the undergraduate programme have not been considered for shortlisting.
  4. Candidates are required to bring all documents (in originals) of academic transcripts and certificates, experienced certificates (if any), merit certificates, medical fitness certificate and CID copy during the selection interview.
  5. The performance of the candidate will be assessed as per the interview form for academics (click here to view).


Candidates may appeal to the Administrative Section latest by 4:00 PM on 20th July 2021 in writing for any grievances related to shortlisting. For further information you may call at 02-376269/77244434 during office hours (9:00 AM – 4; 00 PM)


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