Handing Taking of our President to Acting President

True leaders are rare and our President Dr. Phub Dorji is one. You have been among the best Director General and President we could imagine working with. Thank you for helping the college succeed and for sharing your skills and wisdom. You are a natural leader whose ability to inspire and motivate is unmatched. For the last seven years, your truly exceptional leadership has been inspirational, and your time here has been a true gift to the college management. The college has accomplished a great feat and trajectories in milestones and today, CNR stands proudly amidst many other organizations. Working under your guidance has been truly delightful and we are grateful to have had the opportunity. As a college, you have set the direction, pace and flow of working in many ways which will allow the college to flourish in many years to come. The academic programme have reached new heights, research is taking off with great bearing and will go a long way which will be a great contribution to faculty members, students and partners.

Dr. Phub Dorji served as the President of the college for the last seven years. He also took the key positions in the college as the Dean of Research and Industrial Linkages and Dean of Academic Affairs before becoming Director General. He was the first President of the College and today, he has handed over the leadership to the Acting President Dr. Penjor.

We wish our President all the very best in his future endeavors.