Remembering Late Sir RB Chhetri as we March.

As we March to the future, we should never forget those who have contributed their perseverance and dedicated their time to bring up the institution where it stands today.

As we March, we deeply acknowledge the past and the wisdom in it. One person, who has put his entire career and most part of his life over 25 years of service to the college is Late Sir RB Chhetri.

As we March, we will remember the epitome of charisma as a person and an impeccable teacher-being in the college.

As we March, we will celebrate our past times with you and rejoice the memory.

As we March, we will pray with profound wishes. Today, as we March, we mark two years of you leaving us. Family, relatives, friends and alma mater of Late Sir RB has contributed football cups and trophies to the college to commemorate his incredible sportsmanship and love for football during his time.

As we March, every year henceforth, the college will play the “RB Memorial Football Cup”. The eloquently decorated trophies are ready for us to play and remember our late sir.

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