Four-days Training on Operational Planning and Inventory 5th August 2019 for the Forestry Officials

workshop at cnr

14 participants are attending the training. The training aims to fulfill the following objectives: 


❖ Introduction to identification and selection of FMU area to be commercially operated;
❖ Introduction to inventory. (minimum and maximum area that can be taken up for operational inventory);
❖ Decide on how many plots (both ordinary and special plots) to inventory. What is the minimum and maximum number of plots that is required for operational inventory? Should be able to calculate the number of plots, special plots, distance between plot to plot, etc;
❖ Introduction to prepare topographic map for carrying out operational inventory and how to locate the first plot in the field while referring the map;
❖ Should know how to read the map and its scale;
❖ Should be able to carry out field work – operational inventory and collect data using various tally sheets and tables or GPS;
❖ Should be able to compile and analyze the operational inventory data using volume tables and various forms, computer, etc.;
❖ Should be able to interpret the analyzed inventory data and produce information on average number of trees per hectare, average basal area per hectare and average volume per hectare;
❖ Should be able to use these data for determining the annual allowable cut (AAC) and for writing operational plan for the coming year;❖ Should be able to write the FMU operational plan.

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