Sustainable natural resource management for climate change adaptation in the Himalayan region: A collaborative project among Norway, Nepal, Pakistan and Bhutan (Project number:QZA-0485 NPL-13/0022)

This is a joint collaboration project between Norway, Nepal, Pakistan and Bhutan. The project aims to develop capacity in the areas of research in natural resource management and climate change adaptation. It is funded by Norad, Norway. The Norwegian University of Life Science of Norway, Tribhuwan University of Nepal, Karakoram International University of Pakistan and the Royal University f Bhutan are the signatory project partners. While the main Project Coordinator is in Kathmandu University, each partner institution has its own Project Coordinator. In Bhutan, the Project is implemented by the SUNREM, NORHED Project Coordinator of the College of Natural Resources. The project was signed on 2nd October 2013 and came into effect from 2014 for 5 years. The project got extension by 1 year and will end by December 2020.

Purpose/intended outcomes:

  • Graduate degree programs dealing with climate change, environment and sustainable natural resource management (NRM) formulated/updated,
  • Human capacity developed to address climate change adaptation and mitigation
  • Research capacity strengthened at universities in the South,
  • National policy recommendations on climate adaptation and sustainable natural resource management incorporated,
  • Networking and knowledge sharing related to climate change adaptationand mitigation among universities in the South and North achieved.


Outputs/expected results/products:

  • New Master programs dealing with NRM, climate change and sustainable resource management initiated at RUB and KIU,
  • Master programs at KU and IOF updated to include climate change adaptation/mitigation andsustainable resource management,
  • PhD-candidates (faculty from KIU and RUB) enrolled at KU andIOFto do research related to climate change adaptation and sustainable NRM,
  • Other faculty members at KU and IOF enrolled to upgrade qualifications (Ph.D. or Post-doc research) dealing with NRM, climate change adaptation and sustainable NRM,
  • Administrative and support staff at KU, IOF, KIU and RUB trained,
  • National/regional level training and dissemination workshops conducted jointly,
  • Universities and government agencies collaborate in research and student supervision,
  • New policies formulated incorporating project findings to address climate change adaptation and sustainable development,
  • Web-based climate change knowledge sharing platform created,
  • International conference organizedjointly by partner universities,
  • New collaborative project proposals submitted for funding.


Inputs, include:

  • Text and reference books,
  • Teaching materials,
  • Students and faculty members at the partner institutions,
  • Small grants for research,
  • Lab equipment, accessories and infrastructure,
  • Administrative staff,
  • Web-based electronic platform,
  • Infrastructure and internet.
DB Gurung (PhD)
SUNREM Project Coordinator
College of Natural Resources
Royal University of Bhutan
Lobesa: Punakha
Phone: 00975 2 376249/376249
Fax: +975 2 376255
Alt. email: