Research & Publication

Research & Publications

Research is one of the primary mandates of all colleges under the Royal University of Bhutan.  Accordingly, the College of Natural Resources aims to conduct quality research, develop new technologies and use new knowledge in contributing to the development of the nation. The college encourages faculty research, student research, and research collaborations with national and international organisations.

All academic staff are encouraged to spend up to 30% of their time in research. The President and Dean of Research and Industrial Linkages of the college are responsible for supporting and promoting research in the college. Currently, the Centre for Rural Development Studies (CRDS), supported by a research staff and a Coordinator, looks after all research, publications, projects, and consultancy services. All research degrees are also managed by the centre. Master of Natural Resources Management is the only research degree being offered by the centre currently.

The CRDS will start offering PhD programme by 2018. While the policies, directives and regulations of all research related services are covered by the Zhibtshol, Research Degree Framework provides policy guidelines for management of research degrees in the college.