April 9, 2018: Twenty-three forest personnel from different regions of the country attended the five days training on Identification of Flora and Fauna. The training was organized by the College of Natural Resources with financial support from European Union- Technical Cooperation Project of Ministry of Agriculture and Forests, Bhutan. Unlike others, the training encompassed all the aspects of learning; theoretical inputs, laboratory practical and field identification. Key topics covered under the training were:
1. Keys to flora and fauna identification
2. Use of flora and fauna books and monographs
3. Herbarium specimen collection and processing techniques
4. Access to the website to identify plants (Biodiversity Portal and QuestaGame apps)
5. Field trips for flora and fauna identification
Identification of plants with field characters of plants
Use of online apps in field ( Bhutan biodiversity portal)
*Contributed by Mr Cheten Dorji, Department of Forestry, CNR
The earth garden club  and waste management club in collaboration with the municipal; Punakha initiated a mass cleaning campaign today around the college premises  as well as in the area below the Pulami shop.
The campaign began at 9AM with around 20 plus members right from the college. All the dump yards of the college got crystal cleared and the dump yard below Pulami shop outside the college was also cleaned up.
One of the club member said, “It wasn’t our first time initiating such cleaning campaign. We have been doing this since our club was formed and we will still continue the track. But  sometimes people are so mean thinking that we are a kind of laborers and all the waste should be taken cared by us .All people  across the world are allergic to waste and its rising  effects to thousand lives but they forget to take the very move that is  to take their own waste.
It was very appreciable initiative by those two clubs which not only sanitized the college but also a good example to the residents hosting outside the college. The club coordinators were very thankful to the Thromde for rendering their warm hands  and also hope that the taste will be the same in the near future.
Courtesy: Sangay Phuntsho
CNR family were blessed with the visit of His Majesty today at around 10:50am. Though HM's visit was for a  short duration, staff and students were fully engrossed with majesty's inspirational talk.
HM said" graduates are the guardians of peace, stability and harmony of nation, who are also the custodians of national identity". HM also advised staff to have integrity and standard for smooth functioning and further development of college. His majesty too shared about his visit in other schools where students were instilled with encouragement.
"Preparing for exam is important but preparing for life is even more important," is one of the most motivating quote by his majesty.
The moment created on this day would be the most memorable day for CNR family.
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