A team from Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Partnership visited CNR on 19th June. REEEP is an international non-profit organization that works as a catalyst to clean energy market, with dedicated focus on developing and emerging economies. The South Asia Secretariat, New Delhi is based in The Energy and Resource Institute (TERI).  The aim of the visit was part of the need assessment study in South Asia Region to identify the scope and potential of clean energy intervention in water-energy-food (WEF) nexus in Bhutan. Since, CNR is involved in imparting training in Agriculture, livestock and forestry in Bhutan, REEEP felt necessary to visit CNR. Discussion focused on water resource management and uses, various sources of energy available and their usage in Agriculture sector. 
Centre for Rural Development Studies at the College of Natural Resources has three components namely Research and Publication, Training, and Community Services. Therefore, on 9th and 16th May, 2015, the staff members and students of the College took part in clearing the irrigation channel damaged by road widening process at Baap Geog. This activity was initiated with an aim to enable the Baap community to transplant their paddy on time.  It was a heart warming response from more than 350 students who took part.  The community services will be a regular feature in CNR’s activities  and the college has plans to upscale this activity in the future.
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