Proceedings of the Conference on ‘Climate Change, Environment and Development in Bhutan‘,  2 - 3 April 2015.  


01.Shahnawaz_Strobl_Climatic Conditions in Bhutan ..Click here

02.Tenzin_Pankaj_Impact of Climate on Rice in Bhutan..Click here 

03. Lhakpa_Perception of Climate Change in Bhutan..Click here

04. UgyenY _UgyenT_GudrunW_ LULC in Bhutan..Click here 

05. KezangG_TsheringC_DechenT_Agriculture in Bhutan..Click here

06. Shahnawaz_UgyenT_Crop Cultivation in Bhutan..Click here 

07. RinchenD_Gum and Rubber in Bhutan..Click here 

08. JigmeC_Shahnawaz_Apple Cultivation in Bhutan..Click here

09. PankajT_SonamP_UgyenC_Landslide Susceptibility in Bhutan..Click here 

10. KirtanA_Modelling of Flood in Bhutan..Click here 

11. GudrunW_Modeling Change in Mountain Areas.Click here 


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