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The College of Natural Resources follows the D1 Assessment Regulations and D2 Examination Regulations of the Wheel of Academic Law, 2008.

Registration for Examination
In order to be registered for examinations, student must satisfy the following conditions:

  1. be a registered student of the Royal University of Bhutan.
  2. has fulfilled all the financial obligations to the Royal University of Bhutan.
  3. has no adverse disciplinary records.

For the progression into the next semester or completion of the course, a student:

  1. must secure a minimum pass mark of 40% in both the continuous and final assessments, and a minimum overall aggregate of 50% in both the assessments combined.
  2. will not fail a module for non-submission of a course work component, but be awarded a mark of zero for that component.
  3. shall be allowed to take examination and it shall be treated as a first assessment in case the student is absent from an examination or who has performed badly due to illness or other    good cause acceptable to the board of examiners.

Re-assessment and Repeat
The following conditions apply for the reassessment and repeat of failed modules:

  1. a student is allowed for re-assessment in failed modules provided that the student's overall performance indicates his/her capacity to pass the failed modules. Only in exceptional circumstances will the Board of Examiners consider failed students for re-assessment.
  2. a student is allowed to be re-assessed only once in the failed modules, provided it is not more than 30% of the modules for that semester.
  3. a student may repeat the failed module only once at the first opportunity available.

Final Result
The overall mark at the end of each year is the mark awarded for each module in that year weighted according to its proportional size (or credit value) based on the following manners:
Overall mark = sum of (module mark X credit value)/sum of the credit value of all the modules

The overall mark for a student at the end of a programme is designed to reflect his/her entire performance throughout the period of study in the following proportion:
2-year programme: 30:70
3-year programme: 20:30:50
4-year programme: 10:20:30:40

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