Karate Tournament in College of Natural Resource

April 30, 2018: The fifth karate tournament was held in College of Natural Resource for a duration of two days (28-29 April 2018). Five Colleges and two Institutions competed for the trophy and medals. The Founder karate Association in Bhutan Mr Ugyen Wangchuck did the honour to start the tournament.
        At around 8 am the tournament kicked off with a short briefing from Mr Ugyen Wangchuck. The Colleges and Institutions involved in the tournament were College of Natural Resource(CNR), Paro College of Education(PCE), Sherubtse College, College of Language and Cultural Studies(CLCS), Faculty of Nursing and Public Health(FNPH ), Khuruthang Technical Training Institute(TTI) and Royal Academy of Performing Arts(RAPA ). The tournament started with individual kata; demonstration of power for the stance of your technique followed by kumite; combat or a semi-contact fight. The total number of 150 people were involved out of which around 125 were participants and the rest were the guests.
"Karate means 'empty hand' consisting of semi contacts martial art which include punching, Kicking and grappling," said President of CNR karate club, Tshering Dorji of Sustainable Development fifth batch. The tournament mainly aims at building friendship among different institutions and colleges. It also encourages the players to keep on with the karate for their health and defence. In 2008 karate was introduced in Bhutan and our college (CNR) adopted it as a club on 12th August 2016. The previous tournament was held at CLCS, Sherubtse, PCE and Thimphu.
       The finals were honoured by the Vice Chancellor of Royal University of Bhutan Dasho Nidup Dorji arriving at around 5 pm. For female katta final, Dechen Tshomo of PCE won and Tashi Tshering of CNR won for the male. Sherubtse girls in  Katta lost to CNR and CNR  won for the male final. The kumite final was held at last where CNR girls won and FNPH boys won for the male team.
Mr Ugyen Wangchuk said, "The enthusiasm with which the participants play is really good although from all we cannot expect the same. The numbers of people interested in karate have increased since it was introduced in 2008."
       The vice-chancellor did the honour to award the trophy and gold medals to the winners. College of Natural Resource won the rolling trophy and a sum of ngultrum 10000. Gold medals for team katta demonstration for both male and female were awarded to the participants of CNR. The trophy of best katta performer was taken by Tashi Tshering of CNR. The karate tournament continued on 29th of April with the presence of the president of CNR Dr Phub Dorji and Mr Ugyen Wangchuck. Individual kumite finals were held according to different weight category.
Winners of the individual kumite finals
Below 50 kg
Sangay Khandu (FNPH)
Dechen Zangmo(PCE)
Below 50 kg (age 20)
Sonam Choki (FNPH)
Below 55 kg
Sangay Tenzin  (CLCS)
Ugyen Dolma (Sherubtse College )
Below 60 kg
Rinzin Dorji  (FNPH )
Nima Dolma Tamang (CNR)
Below 67 kg
Nima Tshering  (FNPH )
Pema Lhamo (CNR )
Above 75 kg
Kezang Phuntsho (Sherubtse )
Sonam Zangmo (CLCS )
Medals were awarded to the winners of individual kumite players by the president of CNR and runners-up for team katta were also awarded the medals and certificates. Dechen Zangmo of PCE and Sangay Tenzin of CLCS won the title of best kumite fighter along with the trophy and a sum of ngultrum 1000 each. The officials and volunteers involved were also awarded the certificates.
President of CNR said, "All young people are happy and jubilant in the tournament and are really into the game." The tournament ended with a brief speech from the president.
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