Training on Identification of Flora and Fauna

April 9, 2018: Twenty-three forest personnel from different regions of the country attended the five days training on Identification of Flora and Fauna. The training was organized by the College of Natural Resources with financial support from European Union- Technical Cooperation Project of Ministry of Agriculture and Forests, Bhutan. Unlike others, the training encompassed all the aspects of learning; theoretical inputs, laboratory practical and field identification. Key topics covered under the training were:
1. Keys to flora and fauna identification
2. Use of flora and fauna books and monographs
3. Herbarium specimen collection and processing techniques
4. Access to the website to identify plants (Biodiversity Portal and QuestaGame apps)
5. Field trips for flora and fauna identification
Identification of plants with field characters of plants
Use of online apps in field ( Bhutan biodiversity portal)
*Contributed by Mr Cheten Dorji, Department of Forestry, CNR
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