Agro-entrepreneurship Training

CNR, Lobesa October 2, 2017: The College has made another remarkable day in its history by offering the training on agro-entrepreneurship development. The four months training has components of mushroom and poultry production besides business management. For the first three months, the participants would undergo training in Mushroom Production, Poultry Production and Business Management. In the final month, the participants would undergo incubation period whereby they would develop the business proposal under the mentorship of faculties from the college, link with relevant agencies and financial institutions, and establish business venture soon after their graduation from the training.
According to the President, Dr. Phub Dorji, the training is geared towards achieving food self-sufficiency, curbing rural-urban migration, and self-employment. He further stated that currently, Bhutan imports Nu. 9 million worth of food items annually. And such training has an opportunity to reduce the gap of import and export.
His Majesty the King during the 2016 National Day in Trongsa reminded the nation about the need to emphasize on the agriculture development and empowering rural communities. For that matter, the financial institutions are mandated to give financial support to the farming communities.
Another inspiration for the College to start this training is, the Economic Development Policy 2017 has Agriculture as one jewel among its five jewels.
The opening session is attended by the President, Course Directors, Faculties, Management Staff, and other members of the CNR family. The training will go till the end of January 2018, and the next batch of training will be announced soon.
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