Successful start of the 2017 CNR Summer School on Agricultural Economics

CNR, Lobesa Sep-11, 2017: On Monday morning the 11th of September 2017, CNR President Dr. Phub Dorji opened the 2017 College of Natural Resources (CNR) Summer School on the Lobesa campus. During the opening ceremony, President Dorji particularly highlighted the relevance of agricultural and environmental economics for Bhutan, where more than 50% of the labour force is still employed in agriculture. The summer school is supported by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) with funds of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research in Germany. According to Dr Tulsi Gurung, Associate Professor at CNR and coordinator of the summer school, participants come from various research and government institutions based in Bhutan and neighbouring South Asian countries such as India and Pakistan.
The summer school takes place from 11th to 29th of September and consists of three modules. In the first week, participants are introduced to principles of farm economics and resource planning by Dr. Jonas Luckmann and Arndt Feuerbacher from Humboldt-University of Berlin. The second module starting on Monday, 18th of September 2017, builds on the first week and extends the scope to environmental economics. Prof. Dr Christian Lippert and Manuel Narjes from the University of Hohenheim teach methods used to value ecosystem services and apply them to the context of Bhutanese agriculture. The final module starting on Monday, 25th of September 2017, is lectured by Prof. Harald Grethe from Humboldt-University of Berlin and focuses on agricultural policy
Within group assignments, participants present potential policy scenarios related to relevant topics for the Bhutanese agricultural sector such as conversion to organic agriculture, food self-sufficiency, and human-wildlife conflict. Any further information on the 2017 CNR summer school may be requested from the CNR coordinators Tulsi Gurung and Arndt Feuerbacher.
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